• HGH Cartridge pen 36iu 12mg
HGH Cartridge pen 36iu 12mg
  • SP: Cartridge 36iu
  • SP: Cartridge 16iu
  • SP: Cartridge 10iu
  • other name: HGH Cartridge Pen
USA Domestic shipping,HGH 10iu,16iu,36iu,HGH Cartridge Pen,Dual Vial Chamber,two cartridge chamber Porduct name: HGH Cartridge Pen 10iu,16iu,36iu/vial,5vials/kit


USA Domestic shipping,HGH 10iu,16iu,36iu,HGH Cartridge Pen,Dual Vial Chamber,two cartridge chamber

Porduct name: HGH Cartridge Pen  10iu,16iu,36iu/vial,5vials/kit

HGH AQ Liquid      10iu,16iu,30iu/vial


Main Peptides Product

ACE 0311mgHCG2000iuPNC-275mg
Adipotide/FTTP2mgHGH pen6iuSemaglutide1mg
ARA290 (Cibinetide)10mgHGH8iuSemaglutide2mg
pentadecapeptide BPC 1572mgHGH Fragment 176-1911mgSermore.lin Acetate2mg
pentadecapeptide BPC 1575mgHGH Fragment 176-1912mgSnap810mg
CJC1295 with DAC2mgHGH Fragment 176-1915mgSelank5mg
CJC 1295(without DAC)2mgHexarelin Acetate2mgSemax10mg
CJC 1295(without DAC)5mgHexarelin Acetate5mgTirzepatide5mg
DSIP2mgIGF-1 LR3100mcgTirzepatide10mg
Dermorphin10mgIGF-1 LR31mgTriptoreli Acetate2mg
Frag 17-2310mgIpamorelin5mgTB5005mg
FST 3441mgKisspetin-1010mgTB50010mg
GHK-Cu50mgMelanotan I10mgThymosin alpha 110mg
Gonadorelin Acetate2mgMelanotan II10mgThymalin/Thymulin10mg

GHRP-610mgMOTS-c (Human)10mg

GHRP-25mgOxytocin Acetate2mg

GHRP-210mgPEG MGF2mg

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