• Bacteriostatic water
Bacteriostatic water
  • Product name: Bacteriostatic Water
  • Function: Dilute or dissolve freeze-dried powder
  • Other name: Sterile water, Bacteriostatic Water
  • Spec: 2ml
Bacteriostatic Water, is an indispensable component in research laboratories. It's a sterile water solution ideal for dissolving or diluting substances for experimental use.


Product Details

Product Name                Bacteriostatic Water                      

Packing Materials           Glass ampoule;Polypropylene (PP)ampoule

Dosage Forms                 SVP(Small Volume Parenteral) Injections

Specification                   CP;BP;USP;IP;Customized

 Packaging                       2ml       

 Trademark                      Customzied accepted          


  • Bacteriostatic water is an integral product in the medical space . Bacteriostatic water is a solution of sterile water and benzyl alcohol. 

          This solution is used to create a solution of various medications for the application of that medicine through injection.

  • Bacteriostatic water is a solution of sterile water that contains a very small amount of benzyl alcohol - 0.9%, to be exact.  It is used to dilute

          or dissolve medications before they are given to a patient by intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous injection.

Active Ingredients 

Sterile Water for Injection         


To be used to reconstitute certain medicinal products


Store in an airtight container

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